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Ladies Ministry
Leader: Trish Moore

 Women of L.I.F.E

Living In Freedom Everyday

Recently I was reading online a message from DeNeen Attard, a Christian Life and Leadership Coach and found this article about being confident.  She has 5 basic steps to becoming more confident and below I have included one example that meant the most to me. As Christian Women its hard to always be confident! We have daily struggles with our family, work, friends and even within ourselves. God is all we need if we will truly believe in Him and come to him daily with even our simplest needs!

"Confidence based on anything outside of the Word of God requires perfection and is subject to failure. Why? Because confidence based on human abilities is temperamental and limited to the natural scope of performance. Whereas, confidence based on the Word of God is empowered by the Holy Spirit and backed by the blood of Jesus. It is not dependent upon circumstances or hindered by human emotion.

Give God continually praise (Hebrews 13:15)

God is due praise for the simple fact that He is God Almighty, who reins supreme. Which provides a reason to praise Him even when circumstances don't progress as planned and you find yourself struggling. Just remember that there is victory in your praises to God. Trust that no matter what obstacles you face in your quest to gain confidence that your success is guaranteed as long as you trust in God's abilities to help you develop into the confident woman of God He created you to be in every circumstance."

As the ladies ministry leader I hope to encourage you, build your confidence and lift you up! But mostly be your friend and help you through the trials of life as we seek the ultimate goal together...Heaven.

Please join us during our ladies nights at church where we have fun, play games, watch movies, go on outings and get to know each other.

Just remember to keep your eyes on Jesus and trust in Him.


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